"Regaining Personal Freedom Through Discovering A New YOU

Have you ever imagined ...

  • Your best version of yourself?
  • Loving Yourself?
  • Improved Relationships?
  • Better Health..?.
  • Feel Light and Think Clear?

My name is Kim Armstrong and I am here to help YOU to feel alive, freeing yourself from your own limitations, increasing your self esteem and self love all through your own limitless power! 

With over 20 years experience in spiritual and energy healing, learning from some of the world's top experts in the field and adding my own intuitive gifts to the mix makes my style of Life Coaching very unique.  With the assistance of the Universe and Spirit as my team, chosen clients have the opportunity to truly have an amazing transformation of growth. I have been helping people with healing and spiritual clearing for years and nothing gives me more joy than to see the Enormous transformation in my clients lives.

My coaching helps to guide you in your own personal growth and assists you with regaining a more positive outlook on life. In our sessions we will work together and help create an atmosphere of possibilities towards personal fulfillment. I believe LOVE is the only force that can change our lives and by allowing that Love to radiate in and through my clients changes everything!

 One of my favorite mentors, Dr Wayne Dyer said, " Love is my gift to the world..I fill myself with love, and I send love out into the world...How others treat me is their path; how I react is mine."

I am excited to share my intuitive gifts of spirit and assist you on your journey to FREEDOM!

With Love,

Your Coach Kim

" Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals"

~J. Isham

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Kim Armstrong is a certified Holistic Life Coach through Radiant Health Institute.

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1. 15 minute complimentary session
2. Interview process- 25.00 USD
3. 60 minute sessions- 65.00 USD
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My coaching can help people in many different ways and sometimes unexpected. My style of coaching may completely heal someone or it may not,but instead help them deal with the obstacle they may be facing in a more positive way.
In my years of coaching I have never once had a negative response to any of the tools and support offered to my clients.
What I have seen is clients showing improvement in areas of their lives. The time it takes to see improvement though relies
 on the amount of co-operation the client is willing to put forth. I do not guarantee anything and unless the client is 
100% open to receiving coaching then improvement will not happen. I am NOT a licensed practioner and Transformative healing 
is not a replacement to medical help. If during the interview process I feel that a more medical approach is best
suited then I will re-direct clients to a more appropriate professional.